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The road to glory with Vainglory hack!

Vainglory is an excellent place for all true Heroes, where they can put their abilities to the test and go down in history as legendary warriors. The game is very immersive, and it would be perfect if not for the micropayment system it uses. Fortunately, we have just the right tool for bypassing all those unwanted ads and coin-purchasing features. With our Vainglory Cheats, every player will have the possibility to easily omit all those frustrating aspects of the game. There will be no need to watch advertisements, purchasing currency in the online store, and play as a way to earn as much gold as you need.

What to expect from this epic app?

The Vainglory hack tool is here to help in generating never-ending amounts of gold and glory. And it does it in a very simple and fast way. Using a quick installation, the hack Vainglory attaches to the game very quickly, taking it to a whole new level of playing. And it’s doing it without the need of downloading the app. Vainglory hack has a proxy and all it requires is an internet connection. Designed in a very efficient way, it always runs in the background while the game is played. That is why, it does not slow down the operating system of your mobile device nor the game itself. Vainglory hack tool brings you one of the finest pieces of software for your medieval encounters, effectively protecting you from lags, bugs, viruses, crashes, and freezes. With such an application, playing the game is just a pure satisfaction. Moreover, you will not be getting any unwanted software that can harm your OS. Our Vainglory hack does not have malicious media players, scanning programs, or other features that can be potentially dangerous to your mobile device. All it does is to make your game better in terms of skipping the fee-paying options. You will not only have as much gold and glory as you only want, but it will also unlock for you the whole rooster of Vainglory heroes. Plus, with its simple usage, you can be sure that even a child will have no trouble with making it work. No more spending long hours on earning the currency, no more visits in the online store and wasting your money. With Vainglory Cheats you will not have to do those things, ever again.

Vainglory hack tool fits every version of the game

Feel free to check on your own smartphone, how great this bad boy really is. Our developers took a great care for the Vainglory hack to be 100% undetectable by the administrators. So great in fact, that you can play as long as you want, without getting banned from the server. You will not see any red flags, because the app makes you completely invisible to the tracking systems. Another useful feature is that the Vainglory Cheats are constantly being upgraded by our professional developers. They do this to keep the app fully compatible with all the versions of the game… Even the future ones.   


  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Glory
  • Unlock All Heroes

Vainglory – the best mobile game of 2016!

This time MOBA brings you tons of intense fun with one of their best position in the gaming world of iOS and Android platforms. The Vainglory gameplay is something that should never be omitted by anyone, who consider themselves to be a true mobile game player. This digital state of the art on the “Best Mobile Game” category at the 2016 Global Mobile Awards. And giving the amazing Vainglory gameplay, the award is very well-deserved. Experience one of the most immersive multiplayer online games on mobile devices, and dip yourself into the world of extremely absorbing 5V5 challenges. By using the most powerful engine that works perfectly on both iOS and Android, you will be facing truly epic moments that not many games is able to deliver. And if you have any doubts, you are more than welcome to try it for yourself or watch the Vainglory trailer.

Epic battles that will make your heart stop!

Prepare for the legendary encounters with terrifying dragons, powerful heroes, and a whole bunch of monsters who impatiently await your appearance. The game offers a real-time PvP gaming adventure, where you can team up with other players from the global community. They will be fighting by your side, crushing every evil for that is brave enough to attack you. Jump straight into a strategic depth, using a very intuitive set of controls, the highest frame rates, and one of the best graphics you have ever seen. Try your luck in 5-minute brawls and 5v5 battles on a filled with all kinds of hungry creatures, deadly arena. You can either bring your real-time fight to the mighty bots or live players. And no matter how much time you want to spend on playing. Vainglory gameplay gives you the chance to play short fights that last only couple of minutes. But it also offers long and exhausting battles, where you can truly find for yourself what you are really made of. Choose between 37 dynamic warriors, upgrade them through different themes and playstyles, and stand on top as the Vainglory best hero.

The most violent kingdom in the mobile world!

The game also uses all kinds of technological simplifiers, which are great for making your Vainglory gameplay much more enjoyable. Experience intuitive joystick and precision tap controls. Find new teammates by using a built-in Guild Finder. Expand your guild as well as your teammates, raising the reputation of the guild and getting awesome awards. Open treasure chests and loot everything you can, because maybe there is a large jackpot hiding around the corner. The Vainglory global community is very vast and operates in 14 different languages, so you are here for a real treat and countless days of unparalleled mobile fun. Plus, there are also features like Lane Teleports, Free Camera, Intricate vision system, 3-lane map, 120 FPS support, Wave Control, real line of sight, and many more. It is time to create your indestructible team, and bring your best game to other players. Show them there is a new shark in the ocean, and it is hungry for their blood.  

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